Antique Saws Collection

Mall Portable Circular Saw, Model 30

Weighing in at a hefty 320 pounds, this is the "Sawzilla" of brush cutters: ten and a half feet long with a blade diameter of 28 inches.

Mall #7 Two Man 3 foot bar

In most of its original red paint with black air filter housing

Mall #7 Two Man 3 foot bar

This one has lost almost all of its paint, revealing the natural metal colors

Mall #11 Two Man 3 foot bar

Again, most all of its original paint survives

McCulloch Two man, 4 foot bar

McCulloch Two man, 6 foot bar

Most of its bright yellow paint survives

1946 Mercury Kiekhaefer model KB6-AY

This bright orange saw is a twin cylinder chain saw with 3 foot bar

This completes the tour of the collection at this time; sorry these saws are not for sale.